today announced that its charitable sweepstakes platform, WinTogether Trust (“WinTogether”), has entered into an agreement with Countable Corp. (“Countable”) to reimagine the future of engaging communities online for WinTogether’s charitable initiatives. Together, Countable and WinTogether aim to propel financial success for top-tier organizations at the nexus of social impact issues, such as sustainability, social justice, and education.

WinTogether and Countable plan to bring visibility and engagement through dedicated hubs for each charitable campaign. Social content will be shared across the WinTogether site, powered by Countable, and via, a service division of Countable, with a broad audience of 192M followers. Content will be tailored to targeted audience cohorts in an effort to effectively amplify key messages and drive impact for WinTogether philanthropy.

“We believe we need to leave the world better than we found it,” said Tony DiMatteo, Co-Founder and CEO of, “We believe WinTogether is the future of philanthropy and we’re excited to be partnering with Countable to bring visibility to the important issues for which we’re seeking to fundraise. Countable generates impact at scale and that’s exactly what we believe we need to change the world.”

WinTogether, established and operated by, seeks to supercharge philanthropic efforts with a next-generation digital technology platform customized with an innovative twist in charitable involvement. WinTogether recently completed its premiere sweepstakes event featuring the Arbor Day Foundation’s Time for Trees® initiative and identifies its causes using the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals as guidance.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with WinTogether to inspire investment and optimize impact for the charitable campaigns,” said Bart Myers, Founder and CEO of Countable. “Our robust community engagement platform is built for purpose-driven corporate social responsibility initiatives. WinTogether is a great use case for the efficacy of the platform and the precision content targeting we offer. The audience of is a natural fit for WinTogether’s philanthropic work.”

Countable empowers organizations to effectively manage and measure the impact of digital communities. Under the agreement with WinTogether, Countable will deliver a community engagement platform, the content, and campaign marketing expertise to establish an active social impact presence for WinTogether. In addition to the Countable platform, the audience gives the WinTogether charitable campaigns significant promotional reach.